​​​​​​​Perception is a personal account of eL Seed’s most ambitious artwork – an anamorphic mural spanning 50 buildings in Cairo’s Manshiyat Nasr district. The book recounts the artist’s story, several interviews with members of the neighbourhood, and hundreds of photographs charting the extraordinary process from planning to completion.
The book was produced as a limited edition of 500 copies, where each slip-case was hand painted by the artist, as a unique part of the artwork. Together, the the books revel the calligraphy which can also be seen on the 50 facades in Cairo. Perception is printed on four different papers, including recycled paper hand-made by the people in Manashiyat Nasr. 
240x291 mm
304 pages
Printed by Fontegrafica, Milan, Italy  
Photography: Mahdi Khmili, Ouahid Berrehouma, Christina Dimitrova | Photo editing: Tudor Guta 

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